Team of Collaborative Inspirators

At Confluence Collaborative, we believe that loving and leading are seamless ventures and the mark of a life well-lived.  We are delighted to have aboard a variety of Collaborative Inspirators who share and live this belief.  

In the spirit of the love that unites the human experience, we are thrilled to announce this team on February 14, 2020!

This team of accomplished experts is comprised of individuals whose initiatives distinguish them as leads in the work of manifesting keen understanding and/or broader perspectives—across time, culture, distance, encounters, perceptions, or combinations thereof.

We look forward to hosting opportunities to learn from and collaborate with these individuals.  Join today and/or follow us to learn about these opportunities.

Confluence Collaborative Co-Founders

Amy Jo Sayre Baptista, MFA

Amy Jo Sayre Baptista, MFA

Amy Jo Sayre Baptista, MFA


Amy is an author and recipient of numerous awards for her poetry and fiction, which have appeared in The Best Small Fictions, Ninth Letter, The Butter, and Alaska Quarterly Review, among others.

Her collection, Primitivity, is a Black River Competition Winner (Black Lawrence Press, 2019).  

A SAFTA fellow, a CantoMundo Poetry fellow, and a fiction scholarship recipient to the Disquiet Literary Festival in Lisbon, Portugal, Amy has performed her work at various venues including The Poetry Foundation in Chicago and the St Louis BookFest.  

She is also a performer with Kale Soup for the Soul, a Portuguese-American artist’s collective, a contributing editor at Quiddity, and a co-founder of Plates & Poetry, a community arts program focused on food and writing.  She also co-directs the St. Louis Writers Workshop

She holds an MFA in Fiction from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, has taught at Benedictine University as well as in a variety of outreach venues, and she currently teaches Humanities at WGU.

Joanna Beth Tweedy, PhD

Amy Jo Sayre Baptista, MFA

Amy Jo Sayre Baptista, MFA


An ardent foreign-adventurist with chronic and gravitational home-soil leanings, Joanna Beth is the founding editor and host of Quiddity (NPR Illinois).  She serves as the lead writing faculty at the Center for Values-Driven Leadership and teaches at WGU.

Joanna Beth has presented widely throughout the United States and internationally on her research interests, which include flourishing, leadership, publishing, linguistic dialects, and writing. Publications include a novel and two book-length works on creative poiesis and leadership from (respectively) Southeast Missouri University Press, Benedictine University, and the University of Delhi; poems and short stories; as well as chapters and articles in journals related to leadership and creative craft.

With degrees in values-driven leadership (PhD), English (MA), and education (BS), Joanna Beth has served as faculty-in-residence at the University of Illinois, an Associate Professor of Arts & Letters, and a Dean of Academic Affairs at Benedictine University.  She is a contributing facilitator for Plates & Poetry, and she co-directs the St. Louis Writers Workshop.

Joanna Beth lives and loves in a foothilled fraction of the Ozarks steeped in the wonders of nature and the blessings of generations.