Sense & Synthesis

A bi-monthly podcast featuring conversations with authors and appliers of leading work in the arts and sciences.

Sense & Synthesis distills in layperson terms and human narrative the core essence of cutting edge, peer-reviewed work for a wider-ranging audience.

Co-hosted by Drs. Shannon Brown & Michael Chikeleze

At the present time, all content is solicited by the co-hosts. Sense & Synthesis anticipates opening to CFPs in the future and will update information here.   

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Shannon Brown, PhD

Michael Chikeleze, PhD

Michael Chikeleze, PhD


Shannon is an Assistant Professor at University of St. Francis in the College of Business and Health Administration.  She is the former vice president of client services at Exemplify and previously served as practice head of North American Legal Solutions for Tata Consultancy Services.

Michael Chikeleze, PhD

Michael Chikeleze, PhD

Michael Chikeleze, PhD


Michael Chikeleze is an Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership Studies & HR Development in the College of Professional  Sciences at Xavier University.  He is a member of the International Leadership Association's Board of Directors and currently teaches doctoral courses in leadership development, organizational behavior, and organizational change.