The Residency Experience

Residencies for Writers, Researchers, Scholars, Artists, Scientists, & Visionary Entrepreneurs

Confluence Collaborative sponsors a number of five-, seven-, ten-, and fourteen-day residencies each year for writers, researchers, scholars, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs.  Residencies take place amid the the serene beauty and pristine undeveloped shorelines of the southeastern Ozarks in a region filled with trails, wineries, breweries, orchards, award-winning restaurants, friendly people, and nature's splendor.

Located at the end of a national forest-service road, the peaceful property includes a chalet-style cabin, private lakefront access, bluff, creek, and stunning night skies in an area with so little light pollution, the stars will astonish you.  The wildlife is boisterous, and deep breaths of contentment live among the breezes.  We are delighted to offer recipients a secluded, inspiring, getaway to develop their ideas and accomplish their goals.

Recipients & Applications

Recipients for 2020 have been notified.

Applications for 2021 are forthcoming.