quiddity (n.) ~ the real nature or essence of a thing; that which makes it what it is

Quiddity is simply delightful…it goes about its business of  entertaining the masses of literary fandom…with an originality never  seen…a wonderful romp through words…writing of the finest example…it  doesn’t get any better than this.


The brilliant thing about the medium is to hear poets  reading, speaking and singing their works and the extra impact that it  makes on the listener.

                                        ~Cambridge University Press

Quiddity is a multimedia arts venue featuring an international literary journal, an NPR Illinois program, and a visiting writer and artist series.  

Each publication and broadcast features the evocative and sensate essence of the human experience expressed by poets and writers across the globe. 

Read, Listen, Experience, & Share

The Journal



Founded in 2007, Quiddity features exemplary prose and poetry from emerging and established writers and artists from around the world.   


Quiddity is published by Confluence Collaborative and produced in partnership with NPR Illinois.  Special edition print issues and back issues of print editions are available.  

The Broadcast

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 Quiddity's broadcast features the work of contemporary writers, including writers published in our journal.


It is produced in partnership with NPR Illinois.




Quiddity seeks work from a wide and diverse pool of individuals from around the world that encompasses the quiddity of the human experience.


Our reading period is currently closed and will reopen in the spring of 2020.


Our editorial board is especially drawn to work that—regardless of  genre, form, or subject matter—inheres the evocative magnitude of  language and stays with us long after we finish it.


Use Submittable to send work for consideration during open reading periods.  We look forward to reading it!