Plates & Poetry


 Plates & Poetry is an inspiring professional development venue that offers participants an opportunity to discover what energizes and drives their purpose—with an aim toward connecting that purpose to individual and/or organizational goals.  

Events are tailored for groups and organizations and customized to engage participants around a particular theme or goal that can be selected by the organizer, group, or the hosts (your preference).

Events are held everywhere from private homes to public arenas. 


A Generative Workshop Experience Exploring Food & Word

  Plates & Poetry is a community table where answers are discovered while sharing in delectable food and exquisite words.  

Plates & Poetry connects individuals' aspirations to contextual realities through a creative workshop setting that invites participants to immerse themselves in an exploration of food and word.


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Plates & Poetry events are hosted and facilitated exclusively by Khyran Boyd (Chef de Cuisine at American Harvest Eatery), Amy Sayre Baptista (Plates & Poetry Co-Founder with Boyd), and Joanna Beth Tweedy.  

To inquire about booking an event for your organization or group, please send an initial query through the form below.   

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