Confluence Collaborative is comprised of seismic-thinking individuals, writers, scholars, and organizations whose work and presence give rise and voice to a wider world and a more inclusive human experience.  It serves as an incubator and connector by offering strategic connections, supportive residencies, educational and entertaining venues, networking opportunities, and a generative community.  

We are joined in this endeavor by a dynamic team of Collaborative Inspirators whose initiatives distinguish them as leads in the work of manifesting keen understanding and/or broader perspectives—across time, culture, distance, encounters, perceptions, or combinations thereof. 


Operations include 

  • engagement, research, and residency opportunities;
  • venues for connection, networking, collaboration, support, and idea-advancement; 
  • mission-driven publications and broadcasts; 
  • salons and unfoldings; and 
  • arts-education and research-grounded leadership-development initiatives that advance the endeavors of the collaborative's members.  


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What We Do

Confluence Collaborative is an incubator and means of connection for individuals and organizations committed to giving rise and voice to an inclusive human experience.  We advance our community members' ideas-for-action and cultivate new knowledge through educational opportunities, networking venues, residencies, research, the arts, publications, and broadcasts.  


Publications & Broadcasts

Our publications and broadcasts vivify our mission and commitment.


Quiddity is a peer-reviewed, multimedia arts venue featuring an international journal, an NPR Illinois program, and a visiting writer and artist series.  It is produced in partnership with NPR Illinois.


Sense and Synthesis is a broadcast venue featuring conversations with authors and appliers of leading work in the arts and sciences, including cutting-edge researchers seeking to share their findings with a wider audience.


Events, Education, Research, & Outreach

We offer salons, workshops, roundtables, personal and professional development opportunities.  We sponsor residencies and research (by invitation currently, applications forthcoming).  We facilitate and support outreach, especially that which engages undervoiced populations.  And we serve as a venue for a variety of digital and in-person events for our community members.


Our community is over a thousand strong. Join today. We look forward to your presence and voice.

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